2005-DEC > 24′ x 92′ Solar High Tunnel in Production

IMG_0716_revLynch Creek has (finally) completed construction of this new high tunnel (hoop house) for year-round, in-ground vegetable, herb and flower production.

The design utilizes the year-round, solar-heated hoop house design principles of Steve Moore (formerly at Harmony Essentials Farm in Spring Grove, PA; now at NCA&T Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) in Goldsboro, NC).

This solar heated, double-poly covered, tubular frame employs the latest in high-tunnel technology that includes: a fully-insulated, in-ground perimeter; frost-free, well water and drip irrigation throughout; timer-controlled HAF (Horizontal Air Flow) air fans; large, polycarbonate and screened end-wall doors; automatic opening, end-wall windows with screens; re-moveable 3rd poly layer on all interior planting beds that increases heat retention by an additional 12-deg F (22-deg F above outside night-time low temperature); and optional winter lighting. Normally, no other heat source except solar is envisioned for use in this hoop house. During extreme winter temperatures, LP forced hot air will be used to bridge solar heating limitations.

Year round, organic production is scheduled to begin with the Winter 2006 season. Only seedlings propagated in our existing Heated Greenhouse will be transplanted into this environment. (See a progression of Photos ( 1of6, 2of6, 3of6, 4of6, 5of6, 6of6) that document the construction sequence of this high tunnel.)

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