DIY Pizza Stone Repair Kit – Still Available – Money-back Guarantee

BobCheckout Bob’s Article posted by noted Artisan Bread Chef/Author Peter Reinhart February 2016 on

If you have a broken pizza stone, Bob now STILL SELLS a “KIT” to repair it yourself!

Don’t buy another new pizza stone. Fix the one you have with a money-back guarantee! Read Bob’s Article using this link:

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20 Comments on “DIY Pizza Stone Repair Kit – Still Available – Money-back Guarantee

  1. Hi Bob,

    My fiancé and I are finding ourselves in a similar position as you described in your article. Sadly we’ve broken our natural pizza stone from Haggar. This is extra special because we couldn’t buy a new one if we wanted to given the company is no longer in business. This is our absolute favorite stone though and nothing ever sticks to it. We’d like to mend it if at all possible. I’m wondering if your kit would be effective on stone rather than ceramic?

  2. Hi there – I have a commercial oven with a cracked stone I will work out the crack size and you can tell me if I need more than standard but how much extra to ship to the uk?
    Also as a side question can this repair a big green egg firebox ? Cheers

  3. hello Bob,

    I received your kit. Thank you very much for sending it. Unfortunately, someone threw out the instructions. Could you please let me know what to do after putting the stonewear back together and waiting the 24hr. I have not put it in the oven yet. Please advise.
    Thank you sir.
    Shannon Seaback, Riceville, TN

  4. Bob. I. Have a new Portuguese pizza oven that developed a crack within the first three days of curing. I don’t think I was too hot with the fire either. It is on the he inside. Does your repair kit have a cement to cover the crack on the inside wall of the pizza oven? John from Long Island

  5. Where can I buy pizza stone repair kit. Purchased through pampered chef. Rather than buy another one I’d like to repair this one

  6. Hi Bob,
    So good to meet and talk with you yesterday. Greg and I so enjoyed the meal and have sampled the Boule….delicious!
    We would really be interested in coming for your Pizza event, I think you said in May? Maybe this will help me light the fire under my husband to build us an outdoor wood fired oven.
    Thank you,
    Amee & Greg Stewart

    • Your compliments on our Historic Homes Tour Luncheon and LCF Online Bakery “Hearty Rustic Seeded Boule” are most appreciated! I have taken the liberty to place your Name and Email Address on our LCF Mail List so that you will begin to receive our monthly Newsletter. I am putting the finishing touches on the MAY Edition now, which will be distributed on May 1st. You will find all the details about our 1st Outdoor Tomato Pie Buffet w/Music in 2019 on PAGE-1 – scheduled for Saturday May 25 @ 5:00pm (Memorial Day weekend) – Bob

    • I bought an Emile Henry baking stone, which is red glazed. (I mention this so you can look it up for reference if you’re not sure) It arrived to me broken. While they have since replaced it, I wonder if this particular type of stone will be successful with your kit. Please let me know

      • Lisa – My research of your product only described the material to be a ceramic. My Kit works best on materials that have a “rough” egade along the break, not a smoothe, glassy edge. If that is the case with your stone, I believe the Kit may work. I do have a money-back guarantee. – Bob

    • Hi Bob, I have a Pampered Chef Cranberry Stoneware Baker that has a crack in the baking dish. I have been baking delicious artisan breads – however now worried it’s going to break in two pieces. Will your adhesive help with this issue? I don’t want to make a planter out of it yet!! 😊 Thank you, Susan

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