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Ben Franklin Society – New Service Organization Initiative
BenFranklinLogoA new non-profit, service organization – the Ben Franklin Society of Franklin County – is being initiated by Bob Radcliffe who continues to lead-by-example – whether by implementing innovative agricultural practices; cultivating agritourism; or expanding community service opportunities.

Franklin County was formed in 1779 and named in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Ben was “ever concerned and involved in the public good, a great communicator, and a remarkable man of science and technology, finding practical effective solutions to real problems”.

The Ben Franklin Society will, after nearly 230 years, begin working to honor Ben Franklin’s lifelong quest to “find practical effective solutions to real problems” – by fostering independent and collaborative research on matters of importance to Franklin County.

The Society will support individual and collaborative research efforts; communicate the importance and relationship of Research Projects to the future of Franklin County; foster synergy with other Society Projects and ongoing County initiatives; and pursue Funding support when appropriate.

The Ben Franklin Society is open to all who wishes to work to better the future of Franklin County. It is an enabling organization – committed to helping its Members produce practical results from their research efforts. Special efforts have been made to support the Franklin County High School Senior Project Initiative.

The Initial Meeting will explain the purpose of the Society; use a distinguished Panel to help formulate a candidate list of Research Proposals; solicit your Feedback and Suggestions; and circulate Membership and Research Proposal application forms.

Visit www.BenFranklinSocietyNC.org for complete details.

Plan to attend the Initial Public Meeting at 7:00pm Thursday evening, September 25, 2008 at the County Commissioners Meeting Room in Louisburg, NC. Come and learn how you can participate. Bring a friend!

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