2008-NOV > Fall Hay – Cut, Rolled and Stored

Fall Hay – Cut, Rolled and Stored

IMG_2066revFor the first time, sixty 4×4 rounds of 2nd cut orchard grass have been cut, rolled, cured, stored on palettes and tarped with plastic when it rains  Last year’s drought eliminated hopes for fall hay altogether.

The picture to the left shows a “tube” of orchard grass rolls drying and some spring hay rolls tarped.

The tobacco barn picture below shows the Oat Hay with Clover in the foreground and 1st cut Orchard grass from the spring – dry and in great shape – in the background.

I’ve just finished planting winter oats on last years fields and some new fresh fields for harvest next spring.

Thankfully we won’t be buying hay this winter to feed our expanded cattle herd – now at 15 – almost twice the headcount we had last winter.

IMG_2068revOur excess hay is for sale – remember we have used no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers – strictly adhering to organic growing standards.

Call us if you need hay this winter.


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