2008-MAY > Lynch Creek Organic Hay Harvested

IMG_1929_revFinally, after two years of hard prep-work, oat hay with clover, orchard grass and alfalfa with orchard grass were finally harvested on May 27th, 2008.

Thanks to a spectacular drought recovery this Spring, we have hay in abundance. Unlike last year, which was a hay disaster.

500 Oat Hay w/Clover square bales, 500 Orchard grass square bales and 26 Large Rolls of Alfalfa w/Orchard grass were cut, raked, baled, collected and stored.

The square bales were stair-stepped into two separate, dry tobacco barns, while the rounds were stacked on wooden pallets and tarped to keep them dry until winter.

Bob hired farmer/neighbor Talmadge Burgess to cut and bale the hay from about 20 acres of rented Carpenter fields. Bob with assistance from Alvin Faulkner and farm laborers collected and stored the hay.

IMG_1935_revThe hay is clean and of excellent quality – organic – no herbicides, no pesticides nor chemical fertilizers. The photos show the progression from cutting/raking into windrows, to baling and field pickup prior to storage. In the photos, that’s Talmadge baling; Alvin, Bob and farm worker doing pickup.

Everyone should have to spend two days haying in their lifetime. It is an experience you will never forget – and may never want to repeat – needless to say, it’s hard work. All volunteers welcome! Each square bale weighs 50-60 pounds. Without significant automation, each worker handles the bales from 2-4 times. We harvested 1000 square bales in 2-days with four workers. Do the math. Throw your sleeping pills away. Try this alternative medical approach.

The square bales will be sold to Horse owners; while the round bales will feed our growing herd of Angus-x-Devon Beef Cattle next winter.








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