2006-OCT > Grass-fed Beef Breeding Stock Purchased

101_0680_revLynch Creek is pleased to announce that is has purchased Angus-X-Devon, grass-fed beef breeding stock from the Lynn Family Angus Farm in Rocky Mount, NC. Bob Radcliffe began discussions over one year ago to purchase Angus-X-Devon breeding stock after meeting Walter Lynn at the Franklin County Cattlemen’s Association in Louisburg, NC.

IMG_1193_revWalter and Faye Lynn have been cross-breeding their family Angus Beef herd with Red Devon for the past three years. Walter purchased semen from the Bakewell Reproductive Center for Rotokawa Devon 688 (see below) for use in his Artificial Insemination (AI) program. By breeding Devon stock with Angus, offspring are produced that gain weight more efficiently on pasture grasses and exhibit better meat tenderness – genetically they become better grass-fed livestock.

It has been, and remains, Bob’s intention to produce the highest quality natural organic, grass-fed beef at Lynch Creek Farm, where: 1) People should know where their meat is coming from and how it is produced; 2) Meat should be traceable to the farm on which it is raised; and 3) All farm growing methods should be open to public scrutiny. All future Lynch Creek beeves will be born and raised at Lynch Creek Farm. They will only consume well water. Bob will continue to cross-breed Rotokawa Devon with it’s Angus-X-Devon herd.

Natural grass-fed beef from this purchase will be available for purchase beginning in 2007.  Natural grass-fed beef are only fed pasture grasses (no grains) and forbid the use of any antibiotics, hormones or animal by-product food additives. Natural calves grazed for the last third of their gestation period, born and raised on organic pasture are considered by the USDA to be 100% Organic.

This breeding stock purchase is the first of a series of significant steps Lynch Creek Farm is taking to become a USDA 100% Organic Farm. Lynch Creek’s onsite finishing pastures will be certified 100% Organic in 2007. Lynch Creek is presently establishing high-quality hay pastures offsite on the nearby Carpenter Farm that will be certified 100% Organic in 2008. Organic, grass-fed beef will become available for purchase from Lynch Creek beginning in 2009.

Thanks to help of the Lynn Family Angus Farm and the nearby Carpenter Farm, Lynch Creek will become a USDA 100% Organic producer of the highest quality Grass-fed Beef – three years sooner than otherwise possible.



Bull 688 was produced from the female genetics of the Rotokawa herd and has many offspring (both male and female) in that herd. Bull 688 is one of the best balanced bulls that we have had the opportunity to evaluate linearly. He has a very masculine set of shoulders with a large loin and rump, with all areas full and blended. The Rotokawa herd averages 3.8 to 4 pounds gain a day on grass from weaning to finish. The calves from 688 will easily finish in 15 to 18 months. His daughters work well with and are distant relatives of the 667 Rotokawa Devon bull. Offspring from 688 rarely need calving assistance. Bull 688 is the one to create your herd with, purebred or commercial.

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