2006-JUL > Lynch Creek Organic Farm Plan Available Online

Lynch Creek has begun posting its Organic Farm Plan to a companion website lynchcreek.farmnotebook.com

    With Farm Notebook you can:

See information at a glance on your favorite seed suppliers
Add your own seed suppliers, even if it’s your uncle Bob
Add the specific varieties of crops you grow (including vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs, grains, and cover crops)
Display photos (either from the seed catalog or your very own) of everything you grow
Display detailed descriptions of your varieties, including detailed histories of heirlooms
Share your varieties with others and use varieties they’ve already entered
Record plantings, seed starts, and transplants
Record harvest dates and quantities
Give friends or customers the web-address to Lynch Creek’s own LynchCreek.FarmNotebook.com page
Remember in future seasons what and when you planted previously

This Organic Farm Plan service will be updated as we plant and harvest throughout the year. This new web-based service will allow you to visually see what varieties we are planting, growing and harvesting, together with descriptive information and recommendations for the preferred use of our produce.

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