2005-NOV > 8′ x 8′ Walk-in Cooler Installed

IMG_0686-revLynch Creek completed the installation of a commercial walk-in cooler for the proper pre- and post-harvest storage of cut flowers, vegetables, root crops and bulbs.

This essential farm capability is conveniently located in our newly renovated and fully insulated Workroom – adjacent to the Heated Greenhouse (doorway shown) .

The Workroom also houses the greenhouse hot-water heating system and provides ambient heat for comfortable, year-round, workroom utility; potable frost-free water supply; several stainless steel work tables for seedling production and product post-harvest processing; adequate lighting for 24×7 operations as needed; and a dry, stone-drained, ground cloth floor.

What once was a “useless”, open shed bay, has been economically renovated into an essential multi-functioning workroom.

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