2005-FEB > Innovative Heated Greenhouse Readied

IMG_0682-revLynch Creek completed building a seedling production greenhouse featuring state-of-the-art TrueLeaf® Technology and other innovative features.

The TrueLeaf hydronic (re-circulating hot water) LP heating system can maintain three different bench soil germination temperatures, while ensuring a minimum ambient air temperature of 55-deg-F year-round. The benches have been custom-constructed to “float” in the airspace to facilitate maximum air circulation. The walls, foundation and gravel floor have been heavily insulated to minimize fuel requirements. The vented hot air heats the adjacent 2-bay barn.

This lean-to style greenhouse (8′ x 15′) provides an ideal seed germination environment for over 7,500 seedlings. At times, it will also serve to house hanging baskets, force bulbs, winter-over herbs and grow specialty tomatoes.

The greenhouse abuts a renovated workroom with stainless steel tables and walk-in cooler for seed, bulb, flower and vegetable pre- and post-harvesting operations. Request a tour when you visit our farm. (See a progression of Three Photos (Photo-1, Photo-2, Photo-3) that document the construction sequence of this heated greenhouse.)

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