2014-APR -> Bob Radcliffe – Guest Columnist – www.PizzaQuest.com

Bob was recently honored when asked by noted Chef/Author Peter Reinhart to publish a Series of Articles on his internationally acclaimed website www.PizzaQuest.com.

Peter Reinhart is one of the world’s leading authorities on bread – teaches at Johnson & Wales (Culinary) University in Charlotte, North Carolina – has written numerous books – his best known – his 2002 James Beard and IACP Cookbook of the Year, THE BREAD BAKER’S APPRENTICE – is a mainstay in Bob’s Kitchen when he bakes Artisan Bread and “his” Tomato Pie.

Bob’s Guest Column entitled “Tomato Pie, Rocky Ford, and Me” is an informative, yet humorous, series of postings that detail Bob’s lifelong odyssey to make Tomato Pie (that he bakes today at times for BreadWorks Events.). Bob reveals how the taste of a DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pie – from his childhood memories of the tiny Hudson Street shop in Trenton, New Jersey that cooked Tomato Pie on a coal-fired oven – was his inspiration. “Could it be that hard to make a Tomato Pie?” His truthful tale reveals the lifelong challenges and obstacles he had to overcome. See for yourself. Visit www.PizzaQuest.com – leave a Comment about the article(s).

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