2009-JUL -> American Forest Foundation Summit

After participating in a “Working Forest Conservation Easement” focus-group in Raleigh, NC on April 16th, the client – American Forest Foundation (AFF) – contacted Bob Radcliffe to participate in their “Working Forest Conservation Easement Summit” as a private-landowner, easement grantor together with about 20 others to discuss the topic in more detail.

Bob attended the Summit on July 15-16th in Asheville, NC and contributed his perspective in directed discussions with AFF staff and notable Forestry, Land Trust and Wildlife representatives.

The goal of the Summit was to finalize a set of recommendations for strategic consideration by the AFF to expand and protect private forest acreage in the Southeastern USA.

Bob’s experience creating a working farm conservation easement with the Tar River Land Conservancy for the Lynch Creek Farm property and observations about the process and subsequent experiences, together with his Franklin County Agricultural Board experience, were found to be both instructive and “entertaining” by the other attendees.

Hopefully Bob’s and other landowner perspectives were helpful in shaping the strategic decisions that AFF makes to help remedy the projected dramatic loss of private forest and farm acreage in the Southeastern USA.

Likewise, Bob learned more about how Forestry, Land Trust and Wildlife interests are working to address these pressing issues.

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