2007-AUG > Outbuilding Stabilization Completed

IMG_1547_revConstruction was completed to stabilize the storage outbuilding near the Cabin this month. Bob Radcliffe and relative Tommy Thompson did the work.

The photo shows the building corner that was completely missing – sidewalls and roof.

The interior floor was replaced, along with sills and siding with old boards and timber from the interior of the the Smokehouse building (where it was no longer needed). Original salvaged tin roofing was utilized. Original boulder foundation support stones were repositioned and secured with concrete underpinning.

IMG_1844_revUPDATE #1: 4/10/2008  Some additional work remains to enclose the openings shown and replace an exterior doorway on the opposite side. (The photo to the right shows the additional work that was completed in March 2008).

The Cabin entrance driveway proceeds along and around the foreground building corner shown in the photo above. This Outbuilding provides a dry-storage area for wood, siding boards and rough-sawn lumber for future use on other building stabilization projects.

IMG_1870_revUPDATE #2: 5/14/2008  The exterior doorway has been fitted with a door and clasp. See accompanying photo.


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