2006-NOV > Heritage Fruit Tree Initiative

IMG_1241_revFor over three years, Lynch Creek has been preserving local Heritage Fruit Trees – 100+ year old, surviving trees from farm properties – by taking cuttings and grafting new trees – essentially, cloning a copy with new, healthy root stock. Bob Radcliffe searches-out Heritage Fruit Trees by speaking with older farm owners who know their property history and fruit tree memorable characteristics.

We have already grafted such varieties as: Alvin’s Homestead, Alvin’s Pond, Don’s Best Winesap, Frieda’s Homestead Crab, Mamie Leonard’s Apple and Moon Farm Pear – named in honor of the property owners: Alvin Faulkner, Don Irvin, Frieda Edgerton and Martha Mobley.

They now proudly have healthy new fruit trees to replant, or in many instances, to give to their family members who no longer live nearby – but who wish to “have” a piece of the old farmstead. You can also see these varieties growing in our Heirloom Apple Orchard at Lynch Creek.
Let us assist you in preserving your family “heritage” fruit trees. Contact Bob to discuss how this is done. We believe there can be no greater “gift” than a Heritage Tree to maintain a “link” with the family homestead.

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