2008-MAY > Field Trial of Organic Weed Control Paper Underway

JoynerBedstockBob Radcliffe is working closely with Carroll Joyner, owner of C. Joyner Bedstock Corp. of Youngsville, NC to field trial a new weed control paper product designed to replace plastic.

This is the first such use of this product in Franklin County – where the corporation is located (Youngsville, NC). For the past two years, Steve Moore has been conducting Field Trials at CEFS (Center for Environmental Farming Systems) in Goldsboro, NC.

The beauty of the product is that it is organic, decomposes after 90-days, and can be reincorporated into the soil.

The adjacent photo (taken on May 11, 2008) shows the product being used to control weeds between existing potato rows at Lynch Creek Farm where Bob is growing organic Yukon Gold and Austrian Crescent Fingerling Potatoes.

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