2007-NOV > Lynch Creek Supports National Farm-City Week

National Farm-City Week was designed to bring city and country dwellers closer together, to understand and appreciate one another, and to improve the quality of life for all people. Franklin County, NC Leaders, Growers and Producers will meet the week of November 12th, 2007.

Bob Radcliffe of Lynch Creek Farm will be a presenter at two of the Featured Events sponsored by the NC Cooperative Extension Service – Louisburg Center:

1)    On Wednesday, November 14th, 2007, Bob will demonstrate a new www.FranklinCountyFarmFresh.com website at the Annual Farm-City Breakfast. For the first time, Franklin County, NC has an internet portal dedicated to promoting Small (Family) Farm Products and Services under the theme of “Buy Fresh, Buy Local”.

At the request of Agricultural Extension Agent Martha Mobley, Bob volunteered to create the website and support outreach efforts to inventory all Small Farms in the County and provide assistance to establish an internet presence and search capability for their products and services.

2)    On Saturday, November 17th, Bob will present a 45-minute slide presentation and discussion on “Transitioning to Organic Production” at the “Successful Small Farm Opportunities Conference II” held at the Louisburg Campus of Vance Granville Community College.

Bob’s presentation will explain the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and the Steps required to become Certified 100% Organic. He will discuss how Lynch Creek Farm has approached transitioning to become certified, and show actual photography of Lynch Creek Farm that documents (in a case study format) how we are “Transitioning (Crops and Livestock) to Organic Production”.

Lynch Creek Farm continues to support all local efforts to promote and preserve the rural character, products and services of small, family farms in Franklin County, NC.

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