2007-JUN > Cattle Barn Renovation Underway

The first steps to convert the back-pasture horse barn into a fully-functioning Cattle Barn were completed this month. This construction was necessary to support the Artificial Insemination (AI) Program for our Angus-X-Devon grass-fed beef heifers.

The photos below show the fixed Head-gate (inside the barn), the concrete slab for a portable Squeeze-gate and the leveled water-barrel area (in anticipation of our new calves next Spring). The level concrete slabs allow us to utilize portable platform scales to accurately weigh the cattle.

Additional external sheds remain to be constructed for needed Hay and Equipment storage.

UPDATE #1: June 26, 2008

A new head gate chute opening has been added at the water barrel end of the barn, and portable corral gates have been added to facilitate the capture and “vetting” of cows and calves.

UPDATE #2: June 29, 2008

A new Gutter was added to protect a winter hay feeding area.

UPDATE #3: July 19, 2008

New replacement Water Barrel added and Mineral Feeder opened through barn wall.

IMG_1472_rev1Headgate, Chute and Gates








IMG_1473_revSlab for Portable Headgate








IMG_1474_revLevel Water Barrel Area






IMG_2004_revGuttering for New Winter Feed Zone






IMG_2002_revCorral Gates & New Chute Opening






IMG_2001_revNew Mineral Feeder Opening





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