2005-JUN > Voluntary Agricultural District (VAD)

IMG_0687_revLYNCH CREEK FARM was accepted into the Franklin County Volunteer Agricultural District on May 24, 2005. Over fifty-two acres of our farm is actively engaged in agricultural and forestry use, and by participation in this VAD, we agree to preserve and protect the conservation values of the property by prohibiting non-farm use for a period of ten years.

This statewide North Carolina program is implemented on a county-by-county basis. The Franklin County VAD ordinance was enacted in June 2003. Prospective developers and purchasers of real estate within one mile of any VAD are notified as follows:

“Franklin County has established agricultural districts to protect and preserve agricultural lands and activities. These districts have been developed and mapped to inform all purchasers of real property that certain agricultural activities, including but not limited to pesticide spraying, manure spreading, machinery and truck operations, livestock operations, sawing, hunting or similar activities may take place in these districts any time during the day or night. Maps and/or information on the location and establishment of these districts can be obtained from the Cooperative Extension office, County Planning and Inspections Department, Natural Resource Conservation Service, the Farm Service Agency office, and the County Tax Department.”

The purpose of the ordinance is “to prevent conflicts between voluntary agricultural districts, farm owners, and nearby non-farmer landowners”. Land use decisions shall consider the purposes of the ordinance and the proximity of voluntary agricultural districts to any proposed development.

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