2011-OCT -> Fall Hay and Re-Seeding Completed


IMG_3864_revWe completed collecting over sixty, 4’x5′ hay rolls and storing them on pallets as shown in the photo on October 5th. This hay is winter feed for our cow herd that numbers thirty head at this time. Additional hay has been secured from Lester Holly to provide enough to get us through until Spring grasses emerge.

IMG_3861_revOverseeding of over twenty acres was completed on October 10th by Talmadge Burgess resulting in the excellent stand of oats, fescue and clover as shown in a photo taken October 22nd – thanks to his no-till drill and perfect rainy, cool weather.IMG_3884_rev

Seed germination appears to be nearly 100% – a harbinger of an excellent Spring 2012 hay crop. Last Fall (2010) we un-explainably had poor results seeding orchard grass. We have planted orchard grass in prior seasons successfully on the same fields.

Hopefully we can recover from that experience in 2012. As a pre-caution we spread chicken manure on all fields in the Spring. This organic nitrogen source dissipates slowly over time in contrast to the quick-acting liquid nitrogen used in commercial settings.

To reduce my expected feed requirements over the Winter, I also am planning to cull some cattle from my herd this Fall.

We’ll provide an update on our results next Spring.


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